Visible to the public Session-Based Recommendations Using Item Embedding

TitleSession-Based Recommendations Using Item Embedding
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsGreenstein-Messica, Asnat, Rokach, Lior, Friedman, Michael
Conference NameProceedings of the 22Nd International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces
Conference LocationNew York, NY, USA
ISBN Number978-1-4503-4348-0
Keywordsanalogical transfer, analogies, Deep Learning, e-commerce, glove, Human Behavior, human factors, item embedding, pubcrawl, recurrent neural network, session-based recommender system, Transference, word embedding, Word2Vec

Recent methods for learning vector space representations of words, word embedding, such as GloVe and Word2Vec have succeeded in capturing fine-grained semantic and syntactic regularities. We analyzed the effectiveness of these methods for e-commerce recommender systems by transferring the sequence of items generated by users' browsing journey in an e-commerce website into a sentence of words. We examined the prediction of fine-grained item similarity (such as item most similar to iPhone 6 64GB smart phone) and item analogy (such as iPhone 5 is to iPhone 6 as Samsung S5 is to Samsung S6) using real life users' browsing history of an online European department store. Our results reveal that such methods outperform related models such as singular value decomposition (SVD) with respect to item similarity and analogy tasks across different product categories. Furthermore, these methods produce a highly condensed item vector space representation, item embedding, with behavioral meaning sub-structure. These vectors can be used as features in a variety of recommender system applications. In particular, we used these vectors as features in a neural network based models for anonymous user recommendation based on session's first few clicks. It is found that recurrent neural network that preserves the order of user's clicks outperforms standard neural network, item-to-item similarity and SVD (recall@10 value of 42% based on first three clicks) for this task.

Citation Keygreenstein-messica_session-based_2017