Visible to the public Rendering Trustability to Semantic Web Applications-Manchester Approach

TitleRendering Trustability to Semantic Web Applications-Manchester Approach
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsPandey, M., Pandey, R., Chopra, U. K.
Conference Name2017 International Conference on Infocom Technologies and Unmanned Systems (Trends and Future Directions) (ICTUS)
ISBN Number978-1-5386-0514-1
Keywordscomposability, Data models, information retrieval, intelligent knowledge retrieval, Intelligent web, Manchester Syntax, Ontologies, ontologies (artificial intelligence), Ontology, OWL, Provenance, pubcrawl, resilience, Resiliency, Semantic Web, semantic Web applications-manchester approach, semantic Web documents, semantically annotated tags, Semantics, Syntactics, Trust, trustability, Trusted Computing, University Ontology, web of trust, Web pages

The Semantic Web today is a web that allows for intelligent knowledge retrieval by means of semantically annotated tags. This web also known as Intelligent web aims to provide meaningful information to man and machines equally. However, the information thus provided lacks the component of trust. Therefore we propose a method to embed trust in semantic web documents by the concept of provenance which provides answers to who, when, where and by whom the documents were created or modified. This paper demonstrates the same using the Manchester approach of provenance implemented in a University Ontology.

Citation Keypandey_rendering_2017