Visible to the public Hierarchical Graph Neuron Scheme in Classifying Intrusion Attack

TitleHierarchical Graph Neuron Scheme in Classifying Intrusion Attack
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsEssra, A., Sitompul, O. S., Nasution, B. Benyamin, Rahmat, R. F.
Conference Name2017 4th International Conference on Computer Applications and Information Processing Technology (CAIPT)
KeywordsArrays, Attack Graphs, classification, composability, Hierarchical Graph Neuron, Indexes, Information security, Intrusion detection, Metrics, Neurons, Pattern recognition, pubcrawl, resilience, Resiliency, Testing, Training, Training data

Hierarchical Graph Neuron (HGN) is an extension of network-centric algorithm called Graph Neuron (GN), which is used to perform parallel distributed pattern recognition. In this research, HGN scheme is used to classify intrusion attacks in computer networks. Patterns of intrusion attacks are preprocessed in three steps: selecting attributes using information gain attribute evaluation, discretizing the selected attributes using entropy-based discretization supervised method, and selecting the training data using K-Means clustering algorithm. After the preprocessing stage, the HGN scheme is then deployed to classify intrusion attack using the KDD Cup 99 dataset. The results of the classification are measured in terms of accuracy rate, detection rate, false positive rate and true negative rate. The test result shows that the HGN scheme is promising and stable in classifying the intrusion attack patterns with accuracy rate reaches 96.27%, detection rate reaches 99.20%, true negative rate below 15.73%, and false positive rate as low as 0.80%.

Citation Keyessra_hierarchical_2017