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S. Petcy Carolin, M. Somasundaram.  2016.  Data loss protection and data security using agents for cloud environment - IEEE Conference Publication.

Cyber infrastructures are highly vulnerable to intrusions and other threats. The main challenges in cloud computing are failure of data centres and recovery of lost data and providing a data security system. This paper has proposed a Virtualization and Data Recovery to create a virtual environment and recover the lost data from data servers and agents for providing data security in a cloud environment. A Cloud Manager is used to manage the virtualization and to handle the fault. Erasure code algorithm is used to recover the data which initially separates the data into n parts and then encrypts and stores in data servers. The semi trusted third party and the malware changes made in data stored in data centres can be identified by Artificial Intelligent methods using agents. Java Agent Development Framework (JADE) is a tool to develop agents and facilitates the communication between agents and allows the computing services in the system. The framework designed and implemented in the programming language JAVA as gateway or firewall to recover the data loss.