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Xuezhong Guan, Jinlong Liu, Zhe Gao, Di Yu, Miao Cai.  2014.  Power grids vulnerability analysis based on combination of degree and betweenness. Control and Decision Conference (2014 CCDC), The 26th Chinese. :4829-4833.

This paper proposes an analysis method of power grids vulnerability based on complex networks. The method effectively combines the degree and betweenness of nodes or lines into a new index. Through combination of the two indexes, the new index can help to analyze the vulnerability of power grids. Attacking the line of the new index can obtain a smaller size of the largest cluster and global efficiency than that of the pure degree index or betweenness index. Finally, the fault simulation results of IEEE 118 bus system show that the new index can reveal the vulnerability of power grids more effectively.

Zhe Gao, Xiaowu Cai, Chuan Lv, Chao Liang.  2014.  Analysis on vulnerability of power grid based on electrical betweenness with information entropy. Control Conference (CCC), 2014 33rd Chinese. :2727-2731.

This paper investigates the vulnerability of power grids based on the complex networks combining the information entropy. The difference of current directions for a link is considered, and it is characterized by the information entropy. By combining the information entropy, the electrical betweenness is improved to evaluate the vulnerability of power grids. Attacking the link based on the largest electrical betweenness with the information can get the larger size of the largest cluster and the lower lost of loads, compared with the electrical betweenness without the information entropy. Finally, IEEE 118 bus system is tested to validate the effectiveness of the novel index to characterize the the vulnerability of power grids.