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Shabalin, A. M., Kaliberda, E. A..  2017.  The organization of arrangements set to ensure enterprise IPV6 network secure work by modern switching equipment tools (using the example of a network attack on a default gateway). 2017 Dynamics of Systems, Mechanisms and Machines (Dynamics). :1–8.

The article issue is the enterprise information protection within the internet of things concept. The aim of research is to develop arrangements set to ensure secure enterprise IPv6 network operating. The object of research is the enterprise IPv6 network. The subject of research is modern switching equipment as a tool to ensure network protection. The research task is to prioritize functioning of switches in production and corporation enterprise networks, to develop a network host protection algorithm, to test the developed algorithm on the Cisco Packet Tracer 7 software emulator. The result of research is the proposed approach to IPv6-network security based on analysis of modern switches functionality, developed and tested enterprise network host protection algorithm under IPv6-protocol with an automated network SLAAC-configuration control, a set of arrangements for resisting default enterprise gateway attacks, using ACL, VLAN, SEND, RA Guard security technology, which allows creating sufficiently high level of networks security.

Shabalin, A. M., Kaliberda, E. A..  2021.  Development of a Set of Procedures for Providing Remote Access to a Corporate Computer Network by means of the SSH Protocol (Using the Example of the CISCO IOS Operating System). 2021 Dynamics of Systems, Mechanisms and Machines (Dynamics). :1–5.
The paper proposes ways to solve the problem of secure remote access to telecommunications’ equipment. The purpose of the study is to develop a set of procedures to ensure secure interaction while working remotely with Cisco equipment using the SSH protocol. This set of measures is a complete list of measures which ensures security of remote connection to a corporate computer network using modern methods of cryptography and network administration technologies. It has been tested on the GNS3 software emulator and Cisco telecommunications equipment and provides a high level of confidentiality and integrity of remote connection to a corporate computer network. In addition, the study detects vulnerabilities in the IOS operating system while running SSH service and suggests methods for their elimination.