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Ben Ameur, S., Zarai, F., Smaoui, S., Obaidat, M.S., Hsiao, K.F..  2014.  A lightweight mutual authentication mechanism for improving fast PMIPV6-based network mobility scheme. Network Infrastructure and Digital Content (IC-NIDC), 2014 4th IEEE International Conference on. :61-68.

In the last decade, the request for Internet access in heterogeneous environments keeps on growing, principally in mobile platforms such as buses, airplanes and trains. Consequently, several extensions and schemes have been introduced to achieve seamless handoff of mobile networks from one subnet to another. Even with these enhancements, the problem of maintaining the security concerns and availability has not been resolved yet, especially, the absence of authentication mechanism between network entities in order to avoid vulnerability from attacks. To eliminate the threats on the interface between the mobile access gateway (MAG) and the mobile router (MR) in improving fast PMIPv6-based network mobility (IFP-NEMO) protocol, we propose a lightweight mutual authentication mechanism in improving fast PMIPv6-based network mobility scheme (LMAIFPNEMO). This scheme uses authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) servers to enhance the security of the protocol IFP-NEMO which allows the integration of improved fast proxy mobile IPv6 (PMIPv6) in network mobility (NEMO). We use only symmetric cryptographic, generated nonces and hash operation primitives to ensure a secure authentication procedure. Then, we analyze the security aspect of the proposed scheme and evaluate it using the automated validation of internet security protocols and applications (AVISPA) software which has proved that authentication goals are achieved.