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Malathi, V., Balamurugan, B., Eshwar, S..  2017.  Achieving Privacy and Security Using QR Code by Means of Encryption Technique in ATM. 2017 Second International Conference on Recent Trends and Challenges in Computational Models (ICRTCCM). :281–285.

Smart Card has complications with validation and transmission process. Therefore, by using peeping attack, the secret code was stolen and secret filming while entering Personal Identification Number at the ATM machine. We intend to develop an authentication system to banks that protects the asset of user's. The data of a user is to be ensured that secure and isolated from the data leakage and other attacks Therefore, we propose a system, where ATM machine will have a QR code in which the information's are encrypted corresponding to the ATM machine and a mobile application in the customer's mobile which will decrypt the encoded QR information and sends the information to the server and user's details are displayed in the ATM machine and transaction can be done. Now, the user securely enters information to transfer money without risk of peeping attack in Automated Teller Machine by just scanning the QR code at the ATM by mobile application. Here, both the encryption and decryption technique are carried out by using Triple DES Algorithm (Data Encryption Standard).

Balamurugan, B., Krishna, P.V., Nirmala Devi, M., Meenakshi, R., Ahinaya, V..  2014.  Enhanced framework for verifying user authorization and data correctness using token management system in the cloud. Circuit, Power and Computing Technologies (ICCPCT), 2014 International Conference on. :1443-1447.

Cloud computing is an application and set of services given through the internet. However it is an emerging technology for shared infrastructure but it lacks with an access rights and security mechanism. As it lacks security issues for the cloud users our system focuses only on the security provided through the token management system. It is based on the internet where computing is done through the virtual shared servers for providing infrastructure, software, platform and security as a services. In which security plays an important role in the cloud service. Hence, this security has been given with three types of services such as mutual authentication, directory services, token granting for the resources. Since, existing token issuing mechanism does not provide scalability to large data sets and also increases memory overhead between the client and the server. Hence, our proposed work focuses on providing tokens to the users, which addresses the problem of scalability and memory overhead. The proposed framework of token management system monitors the entire operations of the cloud and there by managing the entire cloud infrastructure. Our model comes under the new category of cloud model known as "Security as a Service". This paper provides the security framework as an architectural model to verify user authorization and data correctness of the resource stored thereby provides guarantee to the data owner for their resource stored into the cloud This framework also describes about the storage of token in a secured manner and it also facilitates search and usage of tokens for auditing purpose and supervision of the users.