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Ziegler, A., Luisier, M..  2017.  Phonon confinement effects in diffusive quantum transport simulations with the effective mass approximation and k·p method. 2017 International Conference on Simulation of Semiconductor Processes and Devices (SISPAD). :25–28.

Despite the continuous shrinking of the transistor dimensions, advanced modeling tools going beyond the ballistic limit of transport are still critically needed to ensure accurate device investigations. For that purpose we present here a straight-forward approach to include phonon confinement effects into dissipative quantum transport calculations based on the effective mass approximation (EMA) and the k·p method. The idea is to scale the magnitude of the deformation potentials describing the electron-phonon coupling to obtain the same low-field mobility as with full-band simulations and confined phonons. This technique is validated by demonstrating that after adjusting the mobility value of n- and p-type silicon nanowire transistors, the resulting EMA and k·p I-V characteristics agree well with those derived from full-band studies.