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Li-Xin, L., Yong-Shan, D., Jia-Yan, W..  2017.  Differential Privacy Data Protection Method Based on Clustering. 2017 International Conference on Cyber-Enabled Distributed Computing and Knowledge Discovery (CyberC). :11–16.

To enhance privacy protection and improve data availability, a differential privacy data protection method ICMD-DP is proposed. Based on insensitive clustering algorithm, ICMD-DP performs differential privacy on the results of ICMD (insensitive clustering method for mixed data). The combination of clustering and differential privacy realizes the differentiation of query sensitivity from single record to group record. At the meanwhile, it reduces the risk of information loss and information disclosure. In addition, to satisfy the requirement of maintaining differential privacy for mixed data, ICMD-DP uses different methods to calculate the distance and centroid of categorical and numerical attributes. Finally, experiments are given to illustrate the availability of the method.