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Bertolissi, Clara, dos Santos, Daniel R., Ranise, Silvio.  2018.  Solving Multi-Objective Workflow Satisfiability Problems with Optimization Modulo Theories Techniques. Proceedings of the 23Nd ACM on Symposium on Access Control Models and Technologies. :117-128.

Security-sensitive workflows impose constraints on the control-flow and authorization policies that may lead to unsatisfiable instances. In these cases, it is still possible to find "least bad" executions where costs associated to authorization violations are minimized, solving the so-called Multi-Objective Workflow Satisfiability Problem (MO-WSP). The MO-WSP is inspired by the Valued WSP and its generalization, the Bi-Objective WSP, but our work considers quantitative solutions to the WSP without abstracting control-flow constraints. In this paper, we define variations of the MO-WSP and solve them using bounded model checking and optimization modulo theories solving. We validate our solutions on real-world workflows and show their scalability on synthetic instances.