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Chaudhary, A., Kumar, A., Tiwari, V.N..  2014.  A reliable solution against Packet dropping attack due to malicious nodes using fuzzy Logic in MANETs. Optimization, Reliabilty, and Information Technology (ICROIT), 2014 International Conference on. :178-181.

The recent trend of mobile ad hoc network increases the ability and impregnability of communication between the mobile nodes. Mobile ad Hoc networks are completely free from pre-existing infrastructure or authentication point so that all the present mobile nodes which are want to communicate with each other immediately form the topology and initiates the request for data packets to send or receive. For the security perspective, communication between mobile nodes via wireless links make these networks more susceptible to internal or external attacks because any one can join and move the network at any time. In general, Packet dropping attack through the malicious node (s) is one of the possible attack in the mobile ad hoc network. This paper emphasized to develop an intrusion detection system using fuzzy Logic to detect the packet dropping attack from the mobile ad hoc networks and also remove the malicious nodes in order to save the resources of mobile nodes. For the implementation point of view Qualnet simulator 6.1 and Mamdani fuzzy inference system are used to analyze the results. Simulation results show that our system is more capable to detect the dropping attacks with high positive rate and low false positive.