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Drozd, Oleksandr, Kharchenko, Vyacheslav, Rucinski, Andrzej, Kochanski, Thaddeus, Garbos, Raymond, Maevsky, Dmitry.  2019.  Development of Models in Resilient Computing. 2019 10th International Conference on Dependable Systems, Services and Technologies (DESSERT). :1—6.

The article analyzes the concept of "Resilience" in relation to the development of computing. The strategy for reacting to perturbations in this process can be based either on "harsh Resistance" or "smarter Elasticity." Our "Models" are descriptive in defining the path of evolutionary development as structuring under the perturbations of the natural order and enable the analysis of the relationship among models, structures and factors of evolution. Among those, two features are critical: parallelism and "fuzziness", which to a large extent determine the rate of change of computing development, especially in critical applications. Both reversible and irreversible development processes related to elastic and resistant methods of problem solving are discussed. The sources of perturbations are located in vicinity of the resource boundaries, related to growing problem size with progress combined with the lack of computational "checkability" of resources i.e. data with inadequate models, methodologies and means. As a case study, the problem of hidden faults caused by the growth, the deficit of resources, and the checkability of digital circuits in critical applications is analyzed.

Kharchenko, Vyacheslav, Ponochovniy, Yuriy, Abdulmunem, Al-Sudani Mustafa Qahtan, Shulga, Iryna.  2019.  AvTA Based Assessment of Dependability Considering Recovery After Failures and Attacks on Vulnerabilities. 2019 10th IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Data Acquisition and Advanced Computing Systems: Technology and Applications (IDAACS). 2:1036–1040.

The paper describes modification of the ATA (Attack Tree Analysis) technique for assessment of instrumentation and control systems (ICS) dependability (reliability, availability and cyber security) called AvTA (Availability Tree Analysis). The techniques FMEA, FMECA and IMECA applied to carry out preliminary semi-formal and criticality oriented analysis before AvTA based assessment are described. AvTA models combine reliability and cyber security subtrees considering probabilities of ICS recovery in case of hardware (physical) and software (design) failures and attacks on components casing failures. Successful recovery events (SREs) avoid corresponding failures in tree using OR gates if probabilities of SRE for assumed time are more than required. Case for dependability AvTA based assessment (model, availability function and technology of decision-making for choice of component and system parameters) for smart building ICS (Building Automation Systems, BAS) is discussed.

Kolisnyk, Maryna, Kharchenko, Vyacheslav, Iryna, Piskachova.  2019.  IoT Server Availability Considering DDoS-Attacks: Analysis of Prevention Methods and Markov Model. 2019 10th International Conference on Dependable Systems, Services and Technologies (DESSERT). :51-56.

The server is an important for storing data, collected during the diagnostics of Smart Business Center (SBC) as a subsystem of Industrial Internet of Things including sensors, network equipment, components for start and storage of monitoring programs and technical diagnostics. The server is exposed most often to various kind of attacks, in particular, aimed at processor, interface system, random access memory. The goal of the paper is analyzing the methods of the SBC server protection from malicious actions, as well as the development and investigation of the Markov model of the server's functioning in the SBC network, taking into account the impact of DDoS-attacks.