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Bertram, Jon, Tanwear, Asfand, Rodriguez, Aurelio, Paterson, Gary, McVitie, Stephen, Heidari, Hadi.  2019.  Spin-Hall Nano-Oscillator Simulations. 2019 IEEE SENSORS. :1—4.

A spin-Hall nano-oscillator (SHNO) is a type of spintronic oscillator that shows promising performance as a nanoscale microwave source and for neuromorphic computing applications. Within such nanodevices, a non-ferromagnetic layer in the presence of an external magnetic field and a DC bias current generates an oscillating microwave voltage. For developing optimal nano-oscillators, accurate simulations of the device's complex behaviour are required before fabrication. This work simulates the key behaviour of a nanoconstriction SHNO as the applied DC bias current is varied. The current density and Oersted field of the device have been presented, the magnetisation oscillations have been clearly visualised in three dimensions and the spatial distribution of the active mode determined. These simulations allow designers a greater understanding and characterisation of the device's behaviour while also providing a means of comparison when experimental resultsO are generated.