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Cedillo, Priscila, Riofrio, Xavier, Prado, Daniela, Orellana, Marcos.  2020.  A Middleware for Managing the Heterogeneity of Data Provining from IoT Devices in Ambient Assisted Living Environments. 2020 IEEE ANDESCON. :1—6.
Internet of Things (IoT) has been growing exponentially in the commercial market in recent years. It is also a fact that people hold one or more computing devices at home. Many of them have been developed to operate through internet connectivity with cloud computing technologies that result in the demand for fast, robust, and secure services. In most cases, the lack of these services makes difficult the transfer of data to fulfill the devices' purposes. Under these conditions, an intermediate layer or middleware is needed to process, filter, and send data through a more efficient alternative. This paper presents the adaptive solution of a middleware architecture as an intermediate layer between smart devices and cloud computing to enhance the management of the heterogeneity of data provining from IoT devices. The proposed middleware provides easy configuration, adaptability, and bearability for different environments. Finally, this solution has been implemented in the healthcare domain, in which IoT solutions are deployed into Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) environments.
Cedillo, Priscila, Camacho, Jessica, Campos, Karina, Bermeo, Alexandra.  2019.  A Forensics Activity Logger to Extract User Activity from Mobile Devices. 2019 Sixth International Conference on eDemocracy eGovernment (ICEDEG). :286—290.

Nowadays, mobile devices have become one of the most popular instruments used by a person on its regular life, mainly due to the importance of their applications. In that context, mobile devices store user's personal information and even more data, becoming a personal tracker for daily activities that provides important information about the user. Derived from this gathering of information, many tools are available to use on mobile devices, with the restrain that each tool only provides isolated information about a specific application or activity. Therefore, the present work proposes a tool that allows investigators to obtain a complete report and timeline of the activities that were performed on the device. This report incorporates the information provided by many sources into a unique set of data. Also, by means of an example, it is presented the operation of the solution, which shows the feasibility in the use of this tool and shows the way in which investigators have to apply the tool.