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Castro Marquez, C.I., Strum, M., Wang Jiang Chau.  2014.  A unified sequential equivalence checking approach to verify high-level functionality and protocol specification implementations in RTL designs. Test Workshop - LATW, 2014 15th Latin American. :1-6.

Formal techniques provide exhaustive design verification, but computational margins have an important negative impact on its efficiency. Sequential equivalence checking is an effective approach, but traditionally it has been only applied between circuit descriptions with one-to-one correspondence for states. Applying it between RTL descriptions and high-level reference models requires removing signals, variables and states exclusive of the RTL description so as to comply with the state correspondence restriction. In this paper, we extend a previous formal methodology for RTL verification with high-level models, to check also the signals and protocol implemented in the RTL design. This protocol implementation is compared formally to a description captured from the specification. Thus, we can prove thoroughly the sequential behavior of a design under verification.