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K.R., Raghunandan, Aithal, Ganesh, Shetty, Surendra.  2019.  Comparative Analysis of Encryption and Decryption Techniques Using Mersenne Prime Numbers and Phony Modulus to Avoid Factorization Attack of RSA. 2019 International Conference on Advanced Mechatronic Systems (ICAMechS). :152–157.
In this advanced era, it is important to keep up an abnormal state of security for online exchanges. Public Key cryptography assumes an indispensable job in the field of security. Rivest, Shamir and Adleman (RSA) algorithm is being utilized for quite a long time to give online security. RSA is considered as one of the famous Public Key cryptographic algorithm. Nevertheless, a few fruitful assaults are created to break this algorithm because of specific confinements accepted in its derivation. The algorithm's security is principally founded on the issue of factoring large number. If the process factorization is done then, at that point the entire algorithm can end up fragile. This paper presents a methodology which is more secure than RSA algorithm by doing some modifications in it. Public Key exponent n, which is termed as common modulus replaced by phony modulus to avoid the factorization attack and it is constructed by Mersenne prime numbers to provide more efficiency and security. Paper presents a comparative analysis of the proposed algorithm with the conventional RSA algorithm and Dual RSA.