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Carver, J., Burcham, M., Kocak, S., Bener, A., Felderer, M., Gander, M., King, J., Markkula, J., Oivo, M., Sauerwein, C. et al..  2016.  Establishing a Baseline for Measuring Advancement in the Science of Security - an Analysis of the 2015 IEEE Security & Privacy Proceedings. 2016 Symposium and Bootcamp on the Science of Security (HotSoS).

To help establish a more scientific basis for security science, which will enable the development of fundamental theories and move the field from being primarily reactive to primarily proactive, it is important for research results to be reported in a scientifically rigorous manner. Such reporting will allow for the standard pillars of science, namely replication, meta-analysis, and theory building. In this paper we aim to establish a baseline of the state of scientific work in security through the analysis of indicators of scientific research as reported in the papers from the 2015 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy. To conduct this analysis, we developed a series of rubrics to determine the completeness of the papers relative to the type of evaluation used (e.g. case study, experiment, proof). Our findings showed that while papers are generally easy to read, they often do not explicitly document some key information like the research objectives, the process for choosing the cases to include in the studies, and the threats to validity. We hope that this initial analysis will serve as a baseline against which we can measure the advancement of the science of security.