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Fathi, Z., Rafsanjani, A. J., Habibi, F..  2020.  Anon-ISAC: Anonymity-preserving cyber threat information sharing platform based on permissioned Blockchain. 2020 28th Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering (ICEE). :1—5.

In cyber threat information sharing, secure transfer and protecting privacy are very important. In this paper we solve these issues by suggesting a platform based on private permissioned Blockchain, which provides us with access control as well. The platform is called Anon-ISAC and is built on the Enhanced Privacy ID (EPID) zero-knowledge proof scheme. It makes use of permissioned Blockchain as a way to keep identity anonymous. Organizations can share their information on incidents or other artifacts among trusted parties, while they keep their identity hidden. This will save them from unwanted consequences of exposure of sensitive security information.