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Fu, T., Zhen, W., Qian, X. Z..  2020.  A Study of Evaluation Methods of WEB Security Threats Based on Multi-stage Attack. 2020 IEEE International Conference on Information Technology,Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (ICIBA). 1:1457—1461.
Web application services have gradually become an important support of Internet services, but are also facing increasingly serious security problems. It is extremely necessary to evaluate the security of Web application services to deal with attacks against them effectively. In this paper, in view of the characteristics of the current attack of Web application services, a Web security analysis model based on the kill chain is established, and the possible attacks against Web application services are analyzed in depth from the perspective of the kill chain. Then, the security of Web application services is evaluated in a quantitative manner. In this way, it can make up the defects of insufficient inspection by the existing security vulnerability model and the security specification of the tracking of Web application services, so as to realize the objective and scientific evaluation of the security state of Web application services.