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Madanchi, Mehdi, Abolhassani, Bahman.  2020.  Authentication and Key Agreement Based Binary Tree for D2D Group Communication. 2020 28th Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering (ICEE). :1—5.

Emerging device-to-device (D2D) communication in 5th generation (5G) mobile communication networks and internet of things (loTs) provides many benefits in improving network capabilities such as energy consumption, communication delay and spectrum efficiency. D2D group communication has the potential for improving group-based services including group games and group discussions. Providing security in D2D group communication is the main challenge to make their wide usage possible. Nevertheless, the issue of security and privacy of D2D group communication has been less addressed in recent research work. In this paper, we propose an authentication and key agreement tree group-based (AKATGB) protocol to realize a secure and anonymous D2D group communication. In our protocol, a group of D2D users are first organized in a tree structure, authenticating each other without disclosing their identities and without any privacy violation. Then, D2D users negotiate to set a common group key for establishing a secure communication among themselves. Security analysis and performance evaluation of the proposed protocol show that it is effective and secure.