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He, Song, Shi, Xiaohong, Huang, Yan, Chen, Gong, Tang, Huihui.  2022.  Design of Information System Security Evaluation Management System based on Artificial Intelligence. 2022 IEEE 2nd International Conference on Electronic Technology, Communication and Information (ICETCI). :967—970.
In today's society, with the continuous development of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence technology plays an increasingly important role in social and economic development, and hass become the fastest growing, most widely used and most influential high-tech in the world today one. However, at the same time, information technology has also brought threats to network security to the entire network world, which makes information systems also face huge and severe challenges, which will affect the stability and development of society to a certain extent. Therefore, comprehensive analysis and research on information system security is a very necessary and urgent task. Through the security assessment of the information system, we can discover the key hidden dangers and loopholes that are hidden in the information source or potentially threaten user data and confidential files, so as to effectively prevent these risks from occurring and provide effective solutions; at the same time To a certain extent, prevent virus invasion, malicious program attacks and network hackers' intrusive behaviors. This article adopts the experimental analysis method to explore how to apply the most practical, advanced and efficient artificial intelligence theory to the information system security assessment management, so as to further realize the optimal design of the information system security assessment management system, which will protect our country the information security has very important meaning and practical value. According to the research results, the function of the experimental test system is complete and available, and the security is good, which can meet the requirements of multi-user operation for security evaluation of the information system.
Qu, Yanfeng, Chen, Gong, Liu, Xin, Yan, Jiaqi, Chen, Bo, Jin, Dong.  2020.  Cyber-Resilience Enhancement of PMU Networks Using Software-Defined Networking. 2020 IEEE International Conference on Communications, Control, and Computing Technologies for Smart Grids (SmartGridComm). :1–7.
Phasor measurement unit (PMU) networks are increasingly deployed to offer timely and high-precision measurement of today's highly interconnected electric power systems. To enhance the cyber-resilience of PMU networks against malicious attacks and system errors, we develop an optimization-based network management scheme based on the software-defined networking (SDN) communication infrastructure to recovery PMU network connectivity and restore power system observability. The scheme enables fast network recovery by optimizing the path generation and installation process, and moreover, compressing the SDN rules to be installed on the switches. We develop a prototype system and perform system evaluation in terms of power system observability, recovery speed, and rule compression using the IEEE 30-bus system and IEEE 118-bus system.