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Wang, Shou-Peng, Dong, Si-Tong, Gao, Yang, Lv, Ke, Jiang, Yu, Zhang, Li-Bin.  2021.  Optimal Solution Discrimination of an Analytic Model for Power Grid Fault Diagnosis Employing Electrical Criterion. 2021 4th International Conference on Energy, Electrical and Power Engineering (CEEPE). :744–750.
When a fault occurs in power grid, the analytic model for power grid fault diagnosis could generate multiple solutions under one or more protective relays (PRs) and/or circuit breakers (CBs) malfunctioning, and/or one or more their alarm information failing. Hence, this paper, calling the electrical quantities, presents an optimal solution discrimination method, which determines the optimal solution by constructing the electrical criteria of suspicious faulty components. Furthermore, combining the established electrical criteria with the existing analytic model, a hierarchical fault diagnosis mode is proposed. It uses the analytic model for the first level diagnosis based on the switching quantities. Thereafter, aiming at multiple solutions, it applies the electrical criteria for the second level diagnosis to determine the diagnostic result. Finally, the examples of fault diagnosis demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of the developed method.