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K. Mpalane, H. D. Tsague, N. Gasela, B. M. Esiefarienrhe.  2015.  "Bit-Level Differential Power Analysis Attack on Implementations of Advanced Encryption Standard Software Running Inside a PIC18F2420 Microcontroller". 2015 International Conference on Computational Science and Computational Intelligence (CSCI). :42-46.

Small embedded devices such as microcontrollers have been widely used for identification, authentication, securing and storing confidential information. In all these applications, the security and privacy of the microcontrollers are of crucial importance. To provide strong security to protect data, these devices depend on cryptographic algorithms to ensure confidentiality and integrity of data. Moreover, many algorithms have been proposed, with each one having its strength and weaknesses. This paper presents a Differential Power Analysis(DPA) attack on hardware implementations of Advanced Encryption Standard(AES) running inside a PIC18F2420 microcontroller.