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Zhou, Rui, He, Mingxing, Chen, Zhimin.  2021.  Certificateless Public Auditing Scheme with Data Privacy Preserving for Cloud Storage. 2021 IEEE 6th International Conference on Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics (ICCCBDA). :675–682.
Rapid development of cloud storage services, users are allowed to upload heavy storage and computational cost to cloud to reduce the local resource and energy consumption. While people enjoy the desirable benefits from the cloud storage service, critical security concerns in data outsourcing have been raised seriously. In the cloud storage service, data owner loses the physical control of the data and these data are fully controlled by the cloud server. As such, the integrity of outsourced data is being put at risk in reality. Remote data integrity checking (RDIC) is an effective solution to checking the integrity of uploaded data. However, most RDIC schemes are rely on traditional public key infrastructure (PKI), which leads communication and storage overhead due to the certificate management. Identity-based RDIC scheme is not need the storage management, but it has a drawback of key escrow. To solve these problems, we propose a practical certificateless RDIC scheme. Moreover, many public auditing schemes authorize the third party auditor (TPA) to check the integrity of remote data and the TPA is not fully trusted. Thus, we take the data privacy into account. The proposed scheme not only can overcome the above deficiencies but also able to preserve the data privacy against the TPA. Our theoretical analyses prove that our mechanism is correct and secure, and our mechanism is able to audit the integrity of cloud data efficiently.