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Nakano, Yuto, Nakamura, Toru, Kobayashi, Yasuaki, Ozu, Takashi, Ishizaka, Masahito, Hashimoto, Masayuki, Yokoyama, Hiroyuki, Miyake, Yutaka, Kiyomoto, Shinsaku.  2021.  Automatic Security Inspection Framework for Trustworthy Supply Chain. 2021 IEEE/ACIS 19th International Conference on Software Engineering Research, Management and Applications (SERA). :45—50.
Threats and risks against supply chains are increasing and a framework to add the trustworthiness of supply chain has been considered. In this framework, organisations in the supply chain validate the conformance to the pre-defined requirements. The results of validations are linked each other to achieve the trustworthiness of the entire supply chain. In this paper, we further consider this framework for data supply chains. First, we implement the framework and evaluate the performance. The evaluation shows 500 digital evidences (logs) can be checked in 0.28 second. We also propose five methods to improve the performance as well as five new functionalities to improve usability. With these functionalities, the framework also supports maintaining the certificate chain.