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Sen, Ömer, Van Der Veldc, Dennis, Linnartz, Philipp, Hacker, Immanuel, Henze, Martin, Andres, Michael, Ulbig, Andreas.  2021.  Investigating Man-in-the-Middle-based False Data Injection in a Smart Grid Laboratory Environment. 2021 IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Europe (ISGT Europe). :01—06.
With the increasing use of information and communication technology in electrical power grids, the security of energy supply is increasingly threatened by cyber-attacks. Traditional cyber-security measures, such as firewalls or intrusion detection/prevention systems, can be used as mitigation and prevention measures, but their effective use requires a deep understanding of the potential threat landscape and complex attack processes in energy information systems. Given the complexity and lack of detailed knowledge of coordinated, timed attacks in smart grid applications, we need information and insight into realistic attack scenarios in an appropriate and practical setting. In this paper, we present a man-in-the-middle-based attack scenario that intercepts process communication between control systems and field devices, employs false data injection techniques, and performs data corruption such as sending false commands to field devices. We demonstrate the applicability of the presented attack scenario in a physical smart grid laboratory environment and analyze the generated data under normal and attack conditions to extract domain-specific knowledge for detection mechanisms.