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Yadav, Ranjeet, Ritambhara, Vaigandla, Karthik Kumar, Ghantasala, G S Pradeep, Singh, Rajesh, Gangodkar, Durgaprasad.  2022.  The Block Chain Technology to protect Data Access using Intelligent Contracts Mechanism Security Framework for 5G Networks. 2022 5th International Conference on Contemporary Computing and Informatics (IC3I). :108–112.
The introduction of the study primarily emphasises the significance of utilising block chain technologies with the possibility of privacy and security benefits from the 5G Network. One may state that the study’s primary focus is on all the advantages of adopting block chain technology to safeguard everyone’s access to crucial data by utilizing intelligent contracts to enhance the 5G network security model on information security operations.Our literature evaluation for the study focuses primarily on the advantages advantages of utilizing block chain technology advance data security and privacy, as well as their development and growth. The whole study paper has covered both the benefits and drawbacks of employing the block chain technology. The literature study part of this research article has, on the contrary hand, also studied several approaches and tactics for using the blockchain technology facilities. To fully understand the circumstances in this specific case, a poll was undertaken. It was possible for the researchers to get some real-world data in this specific situation by conducting a survey with 51 randomly selected participants.
Kumar, T. Ch. Anil, Dixit, Ganesh Kumar, Singh, Rajesh, Narukullapati, Bharath Kumar, Chakravarthi, M. Kalyan, Gangodkar, Durgaprasad.  2022.  Wireless Sensor Network using Control Communication and Monitoring of Smart Grid. 2022 2nd International Conference on Advance Computing and Innovative Technologies in Engineering (ICACITE). :1567—1570.
For some countries around the world, meeting demand is a serious concern. Power supply market is increasingly increasing, posing a big challenge for various countries throughout the world. The increasing expansion in the market for power needs upgrading system dependability to increase the smart grid's resilience. This smart electric grid has a sensor that analyses grid power availability and sends regular updates to the organisation. The internet is currently being utilized to monitor processes and place orders for running variables from faraway places. A large number of scanners have been used to activate electrical equipment for domestic robotics for a long period in the last several days. Conversely, if it is not correctly implemented, it will have a negative impact on cost-effectiveness as well as productivity. For something like a long time, home automation has relied on a large number of sensor nodes to control electrical equipment. Since there are so many detectors, this isn't cost-effective. In this article, develop and accept a wireless communication component and a management system suitable for managing independent efficient network units from voltage rises and voltage control technologies in simultaneous analyzing system reliability in this study. This research paper has considered secondary method to collect relevant and in-depth data related to the wireless sensor network and its usage in smart grid monitoring.