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Dey, Arnab, Chakraborty, Soham, Salapaka, Murti V..  2022.  An End-to-End Cyber-Physical Infrastructure for Smart Grid Control and Monitoring. 2022 IEEE Power & Energy Society Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference (ISGT). :1–5.
In this article, we propose a generic cyber-physical framework, developed in our laboratory, for smart grid control and monitoring in real-time. Our framework is composed of four key elements: (1) system layer which embeds a physical or emulated power system network, (2) data analysis layer to execute real-time data-driven grid analysis algorithms, (3) backend layer with a generic data storage framework which supports multiple databases with functionally different architectures, and (4) visualization layer where multiple customized or commercially available user interfaces can be deployed concurrently for grid control and monitoring. These four layers are interlinked via bidirectional communication channels. Such a flexible and scalable framework provides a cohesive environment to enhance smart grid situational awareness. We demonstrate the utility of our proposed architecture with several case studies where we estimate a modified IEEE-33 bus distribution network topology entirely from synchrophasor measurements, without any prior knowledge of the grid network, and render the same on visualization platform. Three demonstrations are included with single and multiple system operators having complete and partial measurements.