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Onireti, Oluwakayode, Qadir, Junaid, Imran, Muhammad Ali, Sathiaseelan, Arjuna.  2016.  Will 5G See Its Blind Side? Evolving 5G for Universal Internet Access Proceedings of the 2016 Workshop on Global Access to the Internet for All. :1–6.

Internet has shown itself to be a catalyst for economic growth and social equity but its potency is thwarted by the fact that the Internet is off limits for the vast majority of human beings. Mobile phones—the fastest growing technology in the world that now reaches around 80% of humanity—can enable universal Internet access if it can resolve coverage problems that have historically plagued previous cellular architectures (2G, 3G, and 4G). These conventional architectures have not been able to sustain universal service provisioning since these architectures depend on having enough users per cell for their economic viability and thus are not well suited to rural areas (which are by definition sparsely populated). The new generation of mobile cellular technology (5G), currently in a formative phase and expected to be finalized around 2020, is aimed at orders of magnitude performance enhancement. 5G offers a clean slate to network designers and can be molded into an architecture also amenable to universal Internet provisioning. Keeping in mind the great social benefits of democratizing Internet and connectivity, we believe that the time is ripe for emphasizing universal Internet provisioning as an important goal on the 5G research agenda. In this paper, we investigate the opportunities and challenges in utilizing 5G for global access to the Internet for all (GAIA). We have also identified the major technical issues involved in a 5G-based GAIA solution and have set up a future research agenda by defining open research problems.

Sathiaseelan, Arjuna, Selimi, Mennan, Molina, Carlos, Lertsinsrubtavee, Adisorn, Navarro, Leandro, Freitag, Felix, Ramos, Fernando, Baig, Roger.  2017.  Towards Decentralised Resilient Community Clouds. Proceedings of the 2Nd Workshop on Middleware for Edge Clouds & Cloudlets. :4:1–4:6.
Recent years have seen a trend towards decentralisation - from initiatives on decentralized web to decentralized network infrastructures. In this position paper, we present an architectural vision for decentralising cloud service infrastructures. Our vision is on community cloud infrastructures on top of decentralised access infrastructures i.e. community networks, using resources pooled from the community. Our architectural vision considers some fundamental challenges of integrating the current state of the art virtualisation technologies such as Software Defined Networking (SDN) into community infrastructures which are highly unreliable. Our proposed design goal is to include lightweight network and processing virtualization with fault tolerance mechanisms to ensure sufficient level of reliability to support local services.