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Dong, H., Ma, T., He, B., Zheng, J., Liu, G..  2017.  Multiple-fault diagnosis of analog circuit with fault tolerance. 2017 6th Data Driven Control and Learning Systems (DDCLS). :292–296.

A novel method, consisting of fault detection, rough set generation, element isolation and parameter estimation is presented for multiple-fault diagnosis on analog circuit with tolerance. Firstly, a linear-programming concept is developed to transform fault detection of circuit with limited accessible terminals into measurement to check existence of a feasible solution under tolerance constraints. Secondly, fault characteristic equation is deduced to generate a fault rough set. It is proved that the node voltages of nominal circuit can be used in fault characteristic equation with fault tolerance. Lastly, fault detection of circuit with revised deviation restriction for suspected fault elements is proceeded to locate faulty elements and estimate their parameters. The diagnosis accuracy and parameter identification precision of the method are verified by simulation results.

Ma, T., Zhang, H., Qian, J., Liu, S., Zhang, X., Ma, X..  2015.  The Design of Brand Cosmetics Anti-counterfeiting System Based on RFID Technology. 2015 International Conference on Network and Information Systems for Computers. :184–189.

The digital authentication security technology is widely used in the current brand cosmetics as key anti-counterfeiting technology, yet this technology is prone to "false security", "hard security" and "non-security" phenomena. This paper researches the current cosmetics brand distribution channels and sales methods also analyses the cosmetics brands' demand for RFID technology anti-counterfeiting security system, then proposes a security system based on RFID technology for brand cosmetics. The system is based on a typical distributed RFID tracking and tracing system which is the most widely used system-EPC system. This security system based on RFID technology for brand cosmetics in the paper is a visual information management system for luxury cosmetics brand. It can determine the source of the product timely and effectively, track and trace products' logistics information and prevent fake goods and gray goods getting into the normal supply chain channels.