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Zhang, X., Gong, L., Xun, Y., Piao, X., Leit, K..  2016.  Centaur: A evolutionary design of hybrid NDN/IP transport architecture for streaming application. 2016 IEEE 7th Annual Ubiquitous Computing, Electronics Mobile Communication Conference (UEMCON). :1–7.

Named Data Networking (NDN), a clean-slate data oriented Internet architecture targeting on replacing IP, brings many potential benefits for content distribution. Real deployment of NDN is crucial to verify this new architecture and promote academic research, but work in this field is at an early stage. Due to the fundamental design paradigm difference between NDN and IP, Deploying NDN as IP overlay causes high overhead and inefficient transmission, typically in streaming applications. Aiming at achieving efficient NDN streaming distribution, this paper proposes a transitional architecture of NDN/IP hybrid network dubbed Centaur, which embodies both NDN's smartness, scalability and IP's transmission efficiency and deployment feasibility. In Centaur, the upper NDN module acts as the smart head while the lower IP module functions as the powerful feet. The head is intelligent in content retrieval and self-control, while the IP feet are able to transport large amount of media data faster than that if NDN directly overlaying on IP. To evaluate the performance of our proposal, we implement a real streaming prototype in ndnSIM and compare it with both NDN-Hippo and P2P under various experiment scenarios. The result shows that Centaur can achieve better load balance with lower overhead, which is close to the performance that ideal NDN can achieve. All of these validate that our proposal is a promising choice for the incremental and compatible deployment of NDN.

Zhang, J., Zheng, L., Gong, L., Gu, Z..  2018.  A Survey on Security of Cloud Environment: Threats, Solutions, and Innovation. 2018 IEEE Third International Conference on Data Science in Cyberspace (DSC). :910–916.

With the extensive application of cloud computing technology developing, security is of paramount importance in Cloud Computing. In the cloud computing environment, surveys have been provided on several intrusion detection techniques for detecting intrusions. We will summarize some literature surveys of various attack taxonomy, which might cause various threats in cloud environment. Such as attacks in virtual machines, attacks on virtual machine monitor, and attacks in tenant network. Besides, we review massive existing solutions proposed in the literature, such as misuse detection techniques, behavior analysis of network traffic, behavior analysis of programs, virtual machine introspection (VMI) techniques, etc. In addition, we have summarized some innovations in the field of cloud security, such as CloudVMI, data mining techniques, artificial intelligence, and block chain technology, etc. At the same time, our team designed and implemented the prototype system of CloudI (Cloud Introspection). CloudI has characteristics of high security, high performance, high expandability and multiple functions.