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Saab, Farah, Elhajj, Imad, Kayssi, Ayman, Chehab, Ali.  2016.  A Crowdsourcing Game-theoretic Intrusion Detection and Rating System. Proceedings of the 31st Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing. :622–625.

One of the main concerns for smartphone users is the quality of apps they download. Before installing any app from the market, users first check its rating and reviews. However, these ratings are not computed by experts and most times are not associated with malicious behavior. In this work, we present an IDS/rating system based on a game theoretic model with crowdsourcing. Our results show that, with minor control over the error in categorizing users and the fraction of experts in the crowd, our system provides proper ratings while flagging all malicious apps.

Saab, Farah, Kayssi, Ayman, Elhajj, Imad, Chehab, Ali.  2016.  Solving Sybil Attacks Using Evolutionary Game Theory. Proceedings of the 31st Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing. :2195–2201.

Recommender systems have become quite popular recently. However, such systems are vulnerable to several types of attacks that target user ratings. One such attack is the Sybil attack where an entity masquerades as several identities with the intention of diverting user ratings. In this work, we propose evolutionary game theory as a possible solution to the Sybil attack in recommender systems. After modeling the attack, we use replicator dynamics to solve for evolutionary stable strategies. Our results show that under certain conditions that are easily achievable by a system administrator, the probability of an attack strategy drops to zero implying degraded fitness for Sybil nodes that eventually die out.