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Xia, Haijun.  2016.  Object-Oriented Interaction: Enabling Direct Physical Manipulation of Abstract Content via Objectification. Proceedings of the 29th Annual Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology. :13–16.

Touch input promises intuitive interactions with digital content as it employs our experience of manipulating physical objects: digital content can be rotated, scaled, and translated using direct manipulation gestures. However, the reliance on analog also confines the scope of direct physical manipulation: the physical world provides no mechanism to interact with digital abstract content. As such, applications on touchscreen devices either only include limited functionalities or fallback on the traditional form-filling paradigm, which is tedious, slow, and error prone for touch input. My research focuses on designing a new UI framework to enable complex functionalities on touch screen devices by expanding direct physical manipulation to abstract content via objectification. I present two research projects, objectification of attributes and selection, which demonstrate considerable promises.