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Bisagno, Niccoló, Conci, Nicola, Rinner, Bernhard.  2018.  Dynamic Camera Network Reconfiguration for Crowd Surveillance. Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Distributed Smart Cameras. :4:1–4:6.

Crowd surveillance will play a fundamental role in the coming generation of video surveillance systems, in particular for improving public safety and security. However, traditional camera networks are mostly not able to closely survey the entire monitoring area due to limitations in coverage, resolution and analytics performance. A smart camera network, on the other hand, offers the ability to reconfigure the sensing infrastructure by incorporating active devices such as pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras and UAV-based cameras, which enable the adaptation of coverage and target resolution over time. This paper proposes a novel decentralized approach for dynamic network reconfiguration, where cameras locally control their PTZ parameters and position, to optimally cover the entire scene. For crowded scenes, cameras must deal with a trade-off among global coverage and target resolution to effectively perform crowd analysis. We evaluate our approach in a simulated environment surveyed with fixed, PTZ, and UAV-based cameras.

Ahmad, Kashif, Conci, Nicola, Boato, Giulia, De Natale, Francesco G. B..  2016.  USED: A Large-scale Social Event Detection Dataset. Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Multimedia Systems. :50:1–50:6.

Event discovery from single pictures is a challenging problem that has raised significant interest in the last decade. During this time, a number of interesting solutions have been proposed to tackle event discovery in still images. However, a large scale benchmarking image dataset for the evaluation and comparison of event discovery algorithms from single images is still lagging behind. To this aim, in this paper we provide a large-scale properly annotated and balanced dataset of 490,000 images, covering every aspect of 14 different types of social events, selected among the most shared ones in the social network. Such a large scale collection of event-related images is intended to become a powerful support tool for the research community in multimedia analysis by providing a common benchmark for training, testing, validation and comparison of existing and novel algorithms. In this paper, we provide a detailed description of how the dataset is collected, organized and how it can be beneficial for the researchers in the multimedia analysis domain. Moreover, a deep learning based approach is introduced into event discovery from single images as one of the possible applications of this dataset with a belief that deep learning can prove to be a breakthrough also in this research area. By providing this dataset, we hope to gather research community in the multimedia and signal processing domains to advance this application.