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Jeyakumar, Vimalkumar, Madani, Omid, ParandehGheibi, Ali, Yadav, Navindra.  2016.  Data Driven Data Center Network Security. Proceedings of the 2016 ACM on International Workshop on Security And Privacy Analytics. :48–48.

Large scale datacenters are becoming the compute and data platform of large enterprises, but their scale makes them difficult to secure applications running within. We motivate this setting using a real world complex scenario, and propose a data-driven approach to taming this complexity. We discuss several machine learning problems that arise, in particular focusing on inducing so-called whitelist communication policies, from observing masses of communications among networked computing nodes. Briefly, a whitelist policy specifies which machine, or groups of machines, can talk to which. We present some of the challenges and opportunities, such as noisy and incomplete data, non-stationarity, lack of supervision, challenges of evaluation, and describe some of the approaches we have found promising.