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Conference Paper
Baker, Richard, Martinovic, Ivan.  2016.  Secure Location Verification with a Mobile Receiver. Proceedings of the 2Nd ACM Workshop on Cyber-Physical Systems Security and Privacy. :35–46.

We present a technique for performing secure location verification of position claims by measuring the time-difference of arrival (TDoA) between a fixed receiver node and a mobile one. The mobile node moves randomly in order to substantially increase the difficulty for an attacker to make false messages appear genuine. We explore the performance and requirements of such a system in the context of verifying aircraft position claims made over the Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B) system through the use of simulation and find that it correctly detects false claims with a peak accuracy of over 97\textbackslash% for the most complex attack modelled; requiring only 75m of deviation between the reported position and the actual position in order for a false claim to be detected. We then report on our design for a mobile receiver and our construction of a prototype using low-cost COTS equipment. We discuss some additional benefits of incorporating a mobile node, examine the difficulties to be overcome and explore the applicability of the approach in other location verification use-cases.