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Lin, Yiyong, Lin, Lei.  2019.  Design and Realization of a Computer Security Control Circuit for Local Area Network. 2019 International Conference on Communications, Information System and Computer Engineering (CISCE). :9–12.
A local area network (LAN) computer security control circuit is designed for the practical problem of LAN computer users "one machine crosses two networks" on this paper, which provides a protection barrier for the information security of LAN computers on the hardware. This paper briefly analyzes the risks and challenges faced by LAN security. The overall design idea, circuit design and working principle of LAN computer security control circuit are described in detail. The characteristics of the system are summarized. Finally, the design circuit is verified by practical application in the unit. The application results show that the circuit is stable in operation, simple in operation, safe and reliable, and convenient in installation and maintain, etc., which has achieved the design effect and played a good role in ensuring the security of the network information of the local area network.
H. Bahrami, K. Hajsadeghi.  2015.  "Circuit design to improve security of telecommunication devices". 2015 IEEE Conference on Technologies for Sustainability (SusTech). :171-175.

Security in mobile handsets of telecommunication standards such as GSM, Project 25 and TETRA is very important, especially when governments and military forces use handsets and telecommunication devices. Although telecommunication could be quite secure by using encryption, coding, tunneling and exclusive channel, attackers create new ways to bypass them without the knowledge of the legitimate user. In this paper we introduce a new, simple and economical circuit to warn the user in cases where the message is not encrypted because of manipulation by attackers or accidental damage. This circuit not only consumes very low power but also is created to sustain telecommunication devices in aspect of security and using friendly. Warning to user causes the best practices of telecommunication devices without wasting time and energy for fault detection.