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Sun, Weiqi, Li, Yuanlong, Shi, Liangren.  2020.  The Performance Evaluation and Resilience Analysis of Supply Chain Based on Logistics Network. 2020 39th Chinese Control Conference (CCC). :5772—5777.
With the development of globalization, more and more enterprises are involved in the supply chain network with increasingly complex structure. In this paper, enterprises and relations in the logistics network are abstracted as nodes and edges of the complex network. A graph model for a supply chain network to specified industry is constructed, and the Neo4j graph database is employed to store the graph data. This paper uses the theoretical research tool of complex network to model and analyze the supply chain, and designs a supply chain network evaluation system which include static and dynamic measurement indexes according to the statistical characteristics of complex network. In this paper both the static and dynamic resilience characteristics of the the constructed supply chain network are evaluated from the perspective of complex network. The numeric experimental simulations are conducted for validation. This research has practical and theoretical significance for enterprises to make strategies to improve the anti-risk capability of supply chain network based on logistics network information.
Yi, Weiming, Dong, Peiwu, Wang, Jing.  2018.  Node Risk Propagation Capability Modeling of Supply Chain Network Based on Structural Attributes. Proceedings of the 2018 9th International Conference on E-business, Management and Economics. :50–54.
This paper firstly defines the importance index of several types of nodes from the local and global attributes of the supply chain network, analyzes the propagation effect of the nodes after the risk is generated from the perspective of the network topology, and forms multidimensional structural attributes that describe node risk propagation capabilities of the supply chain network. Then the indicators of the structure attributes of the supply chain network are simplified based on PCA (Principal Component Analysis). Finally, a risk assessment model of node risk propagation is constructed using BP neural network. This paper also takes 4G smart phone industry chain data as an example to verify the validity of the proposed model.
Dai, Z., Li, Z. Y..  2015.  Fuzzy Optimization of Automobile Supply Chain Network of Considering Risks. 2015 Seventh International Symposium on Parallel Architectures Algorithms and Programming (PAAP). :134–138.

In this paper, an optimization model of automobile supply chain network with risks under fuzzy price is put forward. The supply chain network is composed of component suppliers, plants, and distribution centers. The total costs of automobile supply chain consist of variable costs, fixed costs, and transportation costs. The objective of this study is to minimize the risks of total profits. In order to deal with this model, this paper puts forward an approximation method to transform a continuous fuzzy problem into discrete fuzzy problem. The model is solved using Cplex 12.6. The results show that Cplex 12.6 can perfectly solve this model, the expected value and lower semi-variance of total profits converge with the increasing number of discretization points, the structure of automobile supply chain network keeps unchanged with the increasing number of discretization points.