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Petrovska, Jovana, Memeti, Agon, Imeri, Florinda.  2019.  SOA Approach - Identity and Access Management for the Risk Management Platform. 2019 8th Mediterranean Conference on Embedded Computing (MECO). :1–4.
The Risk Management system should help customs to more easily and effectively detect irregularities in import, export or transit of goods. Customs administrations today are required to provide extensive facilitation while maintaining control over the international movement of goods, means of transport and persons. The level of risk is determined in the context of the priorities of the Customs administrations e.g. whether the priority is collection of duties and taxes or checking prohibitions and restrictions or any other specific area that has been identified. The aim of the proposed platform in this paper is to achieve a high-quality, multi-layered approach to risk management that is effective and efficient, i.e. the platform is built on decoupled microservices, the different components are working together and an interruption in one segment does not have major effect on the overall system. The main motivation behind this case study is the hands-on experience we have and the close proximity to the project, i.e. information exchange and team discussions as the main available resources.
Polemi, N., Papastergiou, S..  2015.  Current efforts in ports and supply chains risk assessment. 2015 10th International Conference for Internet Technology and Secured Transactions (ICITST). :349–354.

Port services and maritime supply chain processes depend upon complex interrelated ICT systems hosted in the ports' Critical Information Infrastructures (CIIs). Current research efforts for securing the dual nature (cyber-physical) of the ports and their supply chain partners are presented here.