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Kushnir, M., Kosovan, H., Kroialo, P., Komarnytskyy, A..  2020.  Encryption of the Images on the Basis of Two Chaotic Systems with the Use of Fuzzy Logic. 2020 IEEE 15th International Conference on Advanced Trends in Radioelectronics, Telecommunications and Computer Engineering (TCSET). :610–613.

Recently, new perspective areas of chaotic encryption have evolved, including fuzzy logic encryption. The presented work proposes an image encryption system based on two chaotic mapping that uses fuzzy logic. The paper also presents numerical calculations of some parameters of statistical analysis, such as, histogram, entropy of information and correlation coefficient, which confirm the efficiency of the proposed algorithm.

Santos, T. A., Magalhães, E. P., Basílio, N. P., Nepomuceno, E. G., Karimov, T. I., Butusov, D. N..  2020.  Improving Chaotic Image Encryption Using Maps with Small Lyapunov Exponents. 2020 Moscow Workshop on Electronic and Networking Technologies (MWENT). :1–4.
Chaos-based encryption is one of the promising cryptography techniques that can be used. Although chaos-based encryption provides excellent security, the finite precision of number representation in computers affects decryption accuracy negatively. In this paper, a way to mitigate some problems regarding finite precision is analyzed. We show that the use of maps with small Lyapunov exponents can improve the performance of chaotic encryption scheme, making it suitable for image encryption.
Kassim, Sarah, Megherbi, Ouerdia, Hamiche, Hamid, Djennoune, Saïd, Bettayeb, Maamar.  2019.  Speech encryption based on the synchronization of fractional-order chaotic maps. 2019 IEEE International Symposium on Signal Processing and Information Technology (ISSPIT). :1–6.
This work presents a new method of encrypting and decrypting speech based on a chaotic key generator. The proposed scheme takes advantage of the best features of chaotic systems. In the proposed method, the input speech signal is converted into an image which is ciphered by an encryption function using a chaotic key matrix generated from a fractional-order chaotic map. Based on a deadbeat observer, the exact synchronization of system used is established, and the decryption is performed. Different analysis are applied for analyzing the effectiveness of the encryption system. The obtained results confirm that the proposed system offers a higher level of security against various attacks and holds a strong key generation mechanism for satisfactory speech communication.
Jawad, Ameer K., Abdullah, Hikmat N., Hreshee, Saad S..  2018.  Secure speech communication system based on scrambling and masking by chaotic maps. 2018 International Conference on Advance of Sustainable Engineering and its Application (ICASEA). :7–12.
As a result of increasing the interest in developing the communication systems that use public channels for transmitting information, many channel problems are raised up. Among these problems, the important one should be addressed is the information security. This paper presents a proposed communication system with high security uses two encryption levels based on chaotic systems. The first level is chaotic scrambling, while the second one is chaotic masking. This configuration increases the information security since the key space becomes too large. The MATLAB simulation results showed that the Segmental Spectral Signal to Noise Ratio (SSSNR) of the first level (chaotic scrambling) is reduced by -5.195 dB comparing to time domain scrambling. Furthermore, in the second level (chaotic masking), the SSSNR is reduced by -20.679 dB. It is also showed that when the two levels are combined, the overall reduction obtained is -21.755 dB.
Radhika, K. R., Nalini, M. K..  2017.  Biometric Image Encryption Using DNA Sequences and Chaotic Systems. 2017 International Conference on Recent Advances in Electronics and Communication Technology (ICRAECT). :164–168.

Emerging communication technologies in distributed network systems require transfer of biometric digital images with high security. Network security is identified by the changes in system behavior which is either Dynamic or Deterministic. Performance computation is complex in dynamic system where cryptographic techniques are not highly suitable. Chaotic theory solves complex problems of nonlinear deterministic system. Several chaotic methods are combined to get hyper chaotic system for more security. Chaotic theory along with DNA sequence enhances security of biometric image encryption. Implementation proves the encrypted image is highly chaotic and resistant to various attacks.