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Chen, Jianfeng, Liu, Jie, Sun, Zhi, Li, Chunlin, Hu, Chunhui.  2019.  An Intelligent Cyberspace Defense Architecture Based on Elastic Resource Infrastructure and Dynamic Container Orchestration. 2019 International Conference on Networking and Network Applications (NaNA). :235–240.

The borderless, dynamic, high dimensional and virtual natures of cyberspace have brought unprecedented hard situation for defenders. To fight uncertain challenges in versatile cyberspace, a security framework based on the cloud computing platform that facilitates containerization technology to create a security capability pool to generate and distribute security payload according to system needs. Composed by four subsystems of the security decision center, the image and container library, the decision rule base and the security event database, this framework distills structured knowledge from aggregated security events and then deliver security load to the managed network or terminal nodes directed by the decision center. By introducing such unified and standardized top-level security framework that is decomposable, combinable and configurable in a service-oriented manner, it could offer flexibility and effectiveness in reconstructing security resource allocation and usage to reach higher efficiency.