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Tobey, David H., Pusey, Portia, Burley, Diana L..  2014.  Engaging Learners in Cybersecurity Careers: Lessons from the Launch of the National Cyber League. ACM Inroads. 5:53–56.

Educators and sponsors endorse competitions as a strong, positive influence on career choice. However, empirical studies of cybersecurity competitions are lacking, and evidence from computer science and mathematics competitions has been mixed. Here we report initial results from an ongoing study of the National Cyber League to provide a glimpse of the role of competitions in fostering cybersecurity career engagement. Preliminary results suggest that cyber competitions attract experienced individuals who will remain in the profession for the long-term, but future research is needed to understand how cyber competitions may engage women and those new to the field.

Endicott-Popovsky, Barbara E., Popovsky, Viatcheslav M..  2014.  Application of Pedagogical Fundamentals for the Holistic Development of Cybersecurity Professionals. ACM Inroads. 5:57–68.

Nowhere is the problem of lack of human capital more keenly felt than in the field of cybersecurity where the numbers and quality of well-trained graduates are woefully lacking [10]. In 2005, the National Academy of Sciences indicted the US education system as the culprit contributing to deficiencies in our technical workforce, sounding the alarm that we are at risk of losing our competitive edge [14]. While the government has made cybersecurity education a national priority, seeking to stimulate university and community college production of information assurance (IA) expertise, they still have thousands of IA jobs going unfilled. The big question for the last decade [17] has been 'where will we find the talent we need?' In this article, we describe one university's approach to begin addressing this problem and discuss an innovative curricular model that holistically develops future cybersecurity professionals.