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Grgić, K., Kovačevic, Z., Čik, V. K..  2017.  Performance analysis of symmetric block cryptosystems on Android platform. 2017 International Conference on Smart Systems and Technologies (SST). :155–159.

The symmetric block ciphers, which represent a core element for building cryptographic communications systems and protocols, are used in providing message confidentiality, authentication and integrity. Various limitations in hardware and software resources, especially in terminal devices used in mobile communications, affect the selection of appropriate cryptosystem and its parameters. In this paper, an implementation of three symmetric ciphers (DES, 3DES, AES) used in different operating modes are analyzed on Android platform. The cryptosystems' performance is analyzed in different scenarios using several variable parameters: cipher, key size, plaintext size and number of threads. Also, the influence of parallelization supported by multi-core CPUs on cryptosystem performance is analyzed. Finally, some conclusions about the parameter selection for optimal efficiency are given.

Chouhan, D.S., Mahajan, R.P..  2014.  An architectural framework for encryption amp; generation of digital signature using DNA cryptography. Computing for Sustainable Global Development (INDIACom), 2014 International Conference on. :743-748.

As most of the modern encryption algorithms are broken fully/partially, the world of information security looks in new directions to protect the data it transmits. The concept of using DNA computing in the fields of cryptography has been identified as a possible technology that may bring forward a new hope for hybrid and unbreakable algorithms. Currently, several DNA computing algorithms are proposed for cryptography, cryptanalysis and steganography problems, and they are proven to be very powerful in these areas. This paper gives an architectural framework for encryption & Generation of digital signature using DNA Cryptography. To analyze the performance; the original plaintext size and the key size; together with the encryption and decryption time are examined also the experiments on plaintext with different contents are performed to test the robustness of the program.