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Tadeo, Diego Antonio García, John, S.Franklin, Bhaumik, Ankan, Neware, Rahul, Yamsani, Nagendar, Kapila, Dhiraj.  2021.  Empirical Analysis of Security Enabled Cloud Computing Strategy Using Artificial Intelligence. 2021 International Conference on Computing Sciences (ICCS). :83—85.
Cloud Computing (CC) has emerged as an on-demand accessible tool in different practical applications such as digital industry, academics, manufacturing, health sector and others. In this paper different security threats faced by CC are discussed with suitable examples. Moreover, an artificial intelligence based security enabled CC is also discussed based on suitable empirical data. It is found that an artificial neural network (ANN) is an effective system to detect the level of risk factors associated with CC along with mitigating those risk issues with appropriate algorithms. Hence, it provides a desired level of protection against cyber attacks, internal confidential threats and external threat of data theft from a cloud computing system. Levenberg–Marquardt (LMBP) algorithms are also found as a significant tool to estimate the level of security performance around a cloud computing system. ANN is used to improve the performance level of data security across a cloud computing network and make it security enabled to ensure a protected data transmission to clients associated with the system.
Lin, Wei.  2021.  Network Information Security Management in the Era of Big Data. 2021 2nd International Conference on Information Science and Education (ICISE-IE). :806—809.
With the advent of the era of big data, information technology has been rapidly developed and the application of computers has been popularized. However, network technology is a double-edged sword. While providing convenience, it also faces many problems, among which there are many hidden dangers of network information security. Based on this, based on the era background of big data, the network information security analysis, explore the main network security problems, and elaborate computer information network security matters needing attention, to strengthen the network security management, and put forward countermeasures, so as to improve the level of network security.
Li, Qiqi, Wu, Peng, Han, Ling, Bi, Danyang, Zeng, Zheng.  2021.  A Study of Identifier Resolution Security Strategy Based on Security Domains. 2021 3rd International Academic Exchange Conference on Science and Technology Innovation (IAECST). :359—362.
The widespread application of industrial Internet identifiers has increased the security risks of industrial Internet and identifier resolution system. In order to improve the security capabilities of identifier resolution system, this paper analyzes the security challenges faced by identifier resolution system at this stage, and in line with the concept of layered security defense in depth, divides the security domains of identifier resolution system and proposes a multi-level security strategy based on security domains by deploying appropriate protective measures in each security domain.
Li, Shengyu, Meng, Fanjun, Zhang, Dashun, Liu, Qingqing, Lu, Li, Ye, Yalan.  2021.  Research on Security Defense System of Industrial Control Network. 2021 IEEE 2nd International Conference on Information Technology, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (ICIBA). 2:631—635.
The importance of the security of industrial control network has become increasingly prominent. Aiming at the defects of main security protection system in the intelligent manufacturing industrial control network, we propose a security attack risk detection and defense, and emergency processing capability synchronization technology system suitable for the intelligent manufacturing industrial control system. Integrating system control and network security theories, a flexible and reconfigurable system-wide security architecture method is proposed. On the basis of considering the high availability and strong real-time of the system, our research centers on key technologies supporting system-wide security analysis, defense strategy deployment and synchronization, including weak supervision system reinforcement and pattern matching, etc.. Our research is helpful to solve the problem of industrial control network of “old but full of loopholes” caused by the long-term closed development of the production network of important parts, and alleviate the contradiction between the high availability of the production system and the relatively backward security defense measures.
Shipunov, Ilya S., Nyrkov, Anatoliy P., Ryabenkov, Maksim U., Morozova, Elena V., Goloskokov, Konstantin P..  2021.  Investigation of Computer Incidents as an Important Component in the Security of Maritime Transportation. 2021 IEEE Conference of Russian Young Researchers in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (ElConRus). :657—660.
The risk of detecting incidents in the field of computer technology in Maritime transport is considered. The structure of the computer incident investigation system and its functions are given. The system of conducting investigations of computer incidents on sea transport is considered. A possible algorithm for investigating the incident using the tools of forensic science and an algorithm for transmitting the received data for further processing are presented.
Hou, Jundan, Jia, Xiang.  2021.  Research on enterprise network security system. 2021 2nd International Conference on Computer Science and Management Technology (ICCSMT). :216—219.
With the development of openness, sharing and interconnection of computer network, the architecture of enterprise network becomes more and more complex, and various network security problems appear. Threat Intelligence(TI) Analysis and situation awareness(SA) are the prediction and analysis technology of enterprise security risk, while intrusion detection technology belongs to active defense technology. In order to ensure the safe operation of computer network system, we must establish a multi-level and comprehensive security system. This paper analyzes many security risks faced by enterprise computer network, and integrates threat intelligence analysis, security situation assessment, intrusion detection and other technologies to build a comprehensive enterprise security system to ensure the security of large enterprise network.
Sardar, Muhammad, Fetzer, Christof.  2021.  Confidential Computing and Related Technologies: A Review.
With a broad spectrum of technologies for the protection of personal data, it is important to be able to reliably compare these technologies to choose the most suitable one for a given problem. Although technologies like Homomorphic Encryption have matured over decades, Confidential Computing is still in its infancy with not only informal but also incomplete and even conflicting definitions by the Confidential Computing Consortium (CCC). In this work, we present key issues in definitions and comparison among existing technologies by CCC. We also provide recommendations to achieve clarity and precision in the definitions as well as fair and scientific comparison among existing technologies. We emphasize on the need of formal definitions of the terms and pose it as an open challenge to the community.