Visible to the public Compiling CPS Model Repositories through Student Competitions

TitleCompiling CPS Model Repositories through Student Competitions
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsJonathan Sprinkle, Chris vanBuskirk, Stephen Rees, Jnaneshwar Das, Vijay Kumar, Joris Kenanian, Paulo Tabuada
Conference Name2nd Workshop on Monitoring and Testing of Cyber-Physical Systems
Conference LocationPittsburgh, PA

This talk describes how the Cyber-Physical Systems Virtual Organization (CPS-VO) is hosting competitions for the purpose of improving CPS verication tools. We describe the 2016 Challenge, which focused on quadrotor control and codesign of payload, and the 2017 Challenge which focuses on populating a ground vehicle simulator with realistic obstacles. In addition, the interfaces by which participants compete are described, in order to articulate the means by which models can be decoupled from the system for the purposes of evaluation by external tools.

Citation Keynode-37973