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The IEEE International Workshop on Virtualization and Software-Defined Cyber-Physical Systems (VSDCPS)

This workshop, organized in conjunction with NETSOFT 2018, provides an international forum for research community working on virtualization and software defined CPS. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Virtualization of power Grid
  • Real-time Sensing, Reasoning and Adaptation for Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Cloud-integrated Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Evolutionary computing for CPS.
  • Software Defined Security and Privacy in CPS
  • Computation Models for CPS
  • Virtualization of SCADA.
  • Design and Performance Optimization in Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Adaptive Control in Cyber-Physical Systems.
  • Virtualization of industrial applications.
  • Software Defined Distributed computing for CPS.
  • Communication and Networking for Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Software Defined e-Health.
  • Software Defined Smart architectures.
  • Software Defined Autonomous Systems.
  • Simulation methodologies for CPS
  • Middleware Challenges in CPS.
  • Networking for intelligent transport infrastructures
  • Intelligent and collaborative methods for CPS
  • Blockchain technology and applications
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Montreal, Canada