Visible to the public Improvements to Evolutionary Model Consistency Checking for a Flapping-Wing Micro Air Vehicle

TitleImprovements to Evolutionary Model Consistency Checking for a Flapping-Wing Micro Air Vehicle
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsJ. C. Gallagher, S. Boddhu, E. Matson, G. Greenwood
Conference Name2014 IEEE International Conference on Evolvable Systems
Date PublishedDec
Keywords1239196, Adaptation models, aerospace components, Atmospheric modeling, autonomous aerial vehicles, candidate robot controller evaluation, dual wing fault, evolutionary computation, evolutionary model consistency checking, evolvable and adaptive hardware, failure analysis, failure diagnosis, fault diagnosis, flapping-wing micro air vehicle, Flapping-Wing Micro Air Vehicles, Force, Mathematical model, microrobots, robot fault diagnosis, simulated flapping wing micro air vehicle, single wing damage fault, Trajectory, Vectors, Vehicles, Verification and Validation

Evolutionary Computation has been suggested as a means of providing ongoing adaptation of robot controllers. Most often, using Evolutionary Computation to that end focuses on recovery of acceptable robot performance with less attention given to diagnosing the nature of the failure that necessitated the adaptation. In previous work, we introduced the concept of Evolutionary Model Consistency Checking in which candidate robot controller evaluations were dual-purposed for both evolving control solutions and extracting robot fault diagnoses. In that less developed work, we could only detect single wing damage faults in a simulated Flapping Wing Micro Air Vehicle. We now extend the method to enable detection and diagnosis of both single wing and dual wing faults. This paper explains those extensions, demonstrates their efficacy via simulation studies, and provides discussion on the possibility of augmenting EC adaptation by exploiting extracted fault diagnoses to speed EC search.

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