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Hi teams,

Thank you again for participating in the 2018 NSF Student CPS Challenge. Thanks to your effort, we are close to ensuring no robot ever gets left behind!

Results have been posted on the challenge website. As you all experienced, the goal of the competition is challenging and no team finished the mission with full autonomy.

Halmstad University came very close to finishing the mission autonomously, and given the complexity and sophistication of their UAV design, the near miss was a commendable achievement!

When we do this challenge again next year with a substantial prize money, we are hoping you will participate again, and show us not just autonomy (which in itself is challenging) but repeatable autonomy, to enable real-world deployments.

I am working on a restrospective report of the competition which I will share with teams within a few days. We will also share any code and CAD models that other teams volunteer to share.

Have a safe travel back home, and enjoy a well earned weekend!