Visible to the public Performance Evaluation of Cryptography on Middleware-Based Computational Offloading

TitlePerformance Evaluation of Cryptography on Middleware-Based Computational Offloading
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsSilva, B., Sabino, A., Junior, W., Oliveira, E., Júnior, F., Dias, K.
Conference Name2017 VII Brazilian Symposium on Computing Systems Engineering (SBESC)
Keywordscloud computing, Collaboration, composability, computational, computational offloading, critical data, cryptography, data authenticity, data integrity, Encryption, hardware resources, malicious attacks, middleware, middleware security, mobile cloud computing, mobile cloud computing paradigm, mobile cloud infrastructure, mobile cloud servers, Mobile communication, mobile computing, mobile devices, offloading, offloading operations, performance evaluation, policy, policy-based governance, power consumption, pubcrawl, reliability, resilience, Resiliency, resource allocation, resource-intensive applications, saving processing, security, security mechanisms, Servers, smartphone offloads, wireless access media
AbstractMobile cloud computing paradigm enables cloud servers to extend the limited hardware resources of mobile devices improving availability and reliability of the services provided. Consequently, private, financial, business and critical data pass through wireless access media exposed to malicious attacks. Mobile cloud infrastructure requires new security mechanisms, at the same time as offloading operations need to maintain the advantages of saving processing and energy of the device. Thus, this paper implements a middleware-based computational offloading with cryptographic algorithms and evaluates two mechanisms (symmetric and asymmetric), to provide the integrity and authenticity of data that a smartphone offloads to mobile cloud servers. Also, the paper discusses the factors that impact on power consumption and performance on smartphones that's run resource-intensive applications.
Citation Keysilva_performance_2017